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The products FIREGLASS are born from the intention to infuse passion to the environment in which we live, our creations they often have sinuous and soft forms. 

The glass, art-worked, caresses the environment that surrounds it allowing to be glimpse in his stately elegance. 

In our creations, it can be admired the history of an ancient element but of modern employment, the signs of the fire that have forged can be seen and feel as a sweet heat. 

The philosophy of FIREGLASS  is to express alternative proposals to the usual "plain glass" or industrial curved glass; thanks to this peculiarity, FIREGLASS lives a protagonist role inside his specific market where it is very esteemed what valid interpreter of the class furnishing.

Every model of ours is entirely handmade with classical handicraft procedures. 

  All the working phases, necessary for the realization of every single piece, are performed in our laboratory, from capable artisans, teachers in the glass working and forging. 

  The use of first-quality materials, the knowledge of the working techniques and the experience of the handicraft job, allow to get a product with a high level of finishing and high quality leaving where it's possible the natural sign of the fire that moulded them.

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  Fireglass Srl - Via dell'Industria 118 - 61100 Pesaro (PU) - CF/P.I. 01341960415